Gulliver is undertaking research into tourist behaviour all over the world.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone,

With the help of the World Bank, Sierra Leone is investing in growing tourism to bring more visitors to the West African nation.

Gulliver is working with the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the National Tourist Board and the World Bank to collect baseline data about visitors to Sierra Leone which can be used to support future investment.

Research partners:

Sydney Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is Australia’s gateway to cruising and the major embarkation and disembarkation point for cruise ship passengers.

Together with the University of Tasmania, we are working to measure the economic impact of cruise ship passengers before and after their trip to quantify the value of the cruise ship industry to Sydney.

Research partners:

Tasmania Australia

Tasmania, Australia

We are working with the Tasmanian state tourism marketing agency on a 2-year project to better understand the travel patterns of visitors to Australia’s southern most state.

Using the Gulliver research app, promoted at the points of entry to Tasmania, we are gathering unprecedented insights into where groups of visitors go, how they move around, and what influences their decisions.

Research partners:

Skane Sweden

Skane, Sweden

Sydostleden is one of Sweden’s national biking trails, stretching 300 kilometres. The trail starts (or ends) in south-eastern Skåne, in the quaint town of Simrishamn, and takes you through an ever-changing landscape to the city of Växjö in the neighbouring province of Småland.

In partnership with the University of Tasmania we are tracking and surveying tourists moving along Sydostleden to provide information about the kind of tourists using the new trail and looking at adventure tourism in southern Sweden more broadly.

Research partners:

Bolzano Italy

Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano in the north of Italy has a rich history which has contributed to a diverse population.

Together with Gulliver, Eurac Research are exploring how tourists and residents of Bolzano perceive the city by surveying visitors and residents using the Gulliver research app.

Research partners:

Hobart Australia

Hobart, Australia

We are working with the Menzies Institute for Medical Research and the University of Sydney to investigate the impact of public transport on the physical activity of commuters.

A novel use of the Gulliver research app, this project breaks down trips taken daily by research participants, automatically identifying whether participants are walking, riding or travelling in a vehicle. Participants then simply log daily activity, allowing researchers to better understand the physical activity and health benefits of catching public transport.

Research partners:

Phillip Island Australia

Phillip Island, Australia

During October 2018 we undertook a research project for Destination Phillip Island. Philip Island is one of Victoria’s premier tourism destinations, with a large number of day-trippers from Melbourne coming to see the iconic penguins, plus a wide variety of other visitors.

We recruited tourists through the visitor centre using a simple banner and small incentives, capturing valuable insights into how visitors moved around the island.

Research partners:

Hokkaido Japan

Hokkaido, Japan

In January 2018 we undertook a pilot of Gulliver, tracking tourists moving around Hokkaido in Northern Japan in partnership with the University of Tasmania and with support from AusTrade.

The pilot successfully showed the opportunity to track tourists throughout Hokkaido.

Research partners: