Your Destination App

Create smart and intuitive digital guide to your region with the ability to communicate safety alerts with people in your area as you need to. No delays.

The app can be set to provide everything your region needs from a digital guide: safety information, regional tips and advice, customised itineraries and special offers.


Being able to update and edit your content and contact people in the area means that real time messaging is relevant and can go beyond static marketing to include safety messages, and information about current conditions in the region.

Features & benefits

  • Integration with Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
  • Customised itineraries and guides
  • Supports paid advertising
  • Customisable look and feel (match your branding)
  • Message visitors in your region
  • Count visitors within an area
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Custom report builder
  • Timely access to data

Interactive Dashboard

The Gulliver dashboard presents location and survey data in an engaging and interactive format, not as inaccessible tables of numbers in dense academic reports.

Timely access to data

Location and survey data is collection throughout a visitor’s journey and then unpacked every night through Gulliver’s private dashboard system.

Custom Report Builder

The report builder produces complex and highly specific reports based on tourist travel patterns and demographics in real time..

Contact visitors that are in your region to encourage them off the beaten track or let them know about current safety issues.