The System

The Gulliver Research System is designed with the tourist in the centre.

We believe that only by using a combination of longitudinal quantitative data collection as well as deep ethnographic research methods, we truly understand tourists attitudes and behaviours; local and regional aspirations, and address unmet needs.

Because of the breadth and quantity of real-time data collected, we are able to synthesise data into meaningful insights to facilitate, planning for the region as a whole system.

Needs & Goals

Deep dive into both organisation and industry needs. What are the goals? Who are the stakeholders?


Local Community

Listen to aspirations and concerns to develop considered, sustainable tourism investment decisions.



Goals and needs identification to guide customisation of the Gulliver platform.

Collection & Monitoring

Stand alone research app or leveraging existing technology.



Our flexible research app surveys and tracks tourists throughout their trip. Multiple language capable.


Because we are collecting data in real-time we can provide insights fast.


Live Dashboard

See trends unfold as you watch tourists move around your region. Segment and compare tourists with the click of a button.


Automated Reports

Simple graphical representations of dispersal or other key performance indicators.


Bringing together data from other sources to provide context and customised reporting


Customised reports

Customised reporting focusing on your particular metrics for success.


Visual Data

Communicate clearly with stakeholders with simple visual representations of trends.

Actionable Insights

Accurate and timely insights into where tourists go and what drives their behaviour.